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  • London Bridge victim's body recovered from River Thames

    Three victims have been named so far and further identifications will take place over the coming days, according to police. Kirsty Boden was killed after she ran towards danger to help people, her family said. The death toll from the London Bridge terror attack has risen to eight, the Met Police said today. Le Parisien newspaper named the second Frenchman to die in the attack as 36-year-old Sebastien Belanger, while the other French victim was 27-year old Alexandre Pigeard.

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  • Israeli joy at Trump visit, but substance lacking

    Israeli joy at Trump visit, but substance lacking

    Abbas announced he is ready to be Trump's partner in securing peace in the Middle East through establishment of a Palestinian state on land captured by Israel in 1967. "I share his belief that it is possible to reach a peaceful settlement in the region without compromising Israel's security, and I share his hope that we can one day rid the region of extremism and oppression".

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  • George Conway hits Trump over travel ban tweet

    George Conway hits Trump over travel ban tweet

    Several courts have used Trump's statements throughout last year's general election and after his inauguration, both online and off, to determine the intent behind his first executive order that temporarily banned travel from seven Muslim-majority nations, and what the president calls a "watered down" version of that order with restrictions on just six Muslim-majority nations.

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  • EU, China Renew Commitment to Fight Climate Change

    As NPR has reported , "the only other countries not part of the agreement are Syria, which is in the midst of a civil war, and Nicaragua, which argued that the Paris accord did not go far enough to curb global emissions". Patricia Espinosa, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, called the Bloomberg Philanthropies financial commitment "crucial".

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  • Saudi Arabia, UAE invest $100m in Ivanka Trump's Fund

    According to CNN , the summit was attended by leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries. The reason for the diversion was because of exhaustion, aides reportedly said . But in addition to those strategies, Trump also emphasized the collective use of hard power. The remarks by Zarif came in response to Trump's anti-Tehran comments in Riyadh on Sunday and his arms sale deal with Saudi Arabia .

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  • Putin urges end to 'harmful chatter' over Russian meddling

    In a sign of exasperation, Putin compared what he described as the obsessive United States focus on alleged Russian interference with the vote to anti-Semitism. Kushner then held a secret meeting with Sergei Gorkov, head of Russia's Kremlin-connected development bank, a meeting the White House says was one of many diplomatic encounters Kushner, now a presidential adviser, held in the weeks before Trump's inauguration.

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  • Huma Abedin Files for Divorce from Anthony Weiner

    A court official also confirmed to the network that the divorce was not contested. He surrendered to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in NY early Friday and appeared in court late-morning, telling U.S. Weiner checked into rehab for sex addiction previous year. In a statement, attorney Arlo Devlin-Brown said his client had "apologized, offered no excuses and made a commitment to make amends".

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  • China makes concessions to Germany on electric car quotas

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday in Berlin , agreeing to strengthen cooperation within the framework of the Group of 20 (G20). "The Americans can't just exit this climate protection treaty", EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who is to be among the officials meeting Li, said in a speech in Berlin on Wednesday.

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  • Trump rejects moving Israel embassy to Jerusalem - for now

    Donald Trump has advocated for moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem , something many Israelis want. The move, which the White House said was made in an effort to spur peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials, was expected but breaks with a promise Trump made during the 2016 campaign.

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  • White House communications director resigns amid tensions

    White House communications director resigns amid tensions

    The communications operation - and Dubke and Sean Spicer , the White House press secretary, specifically - have come under sharp criticism from Trump and many senior officials in the West Wing, who believe the president has been poorly served by his staff, in particular in the aftermath of the firing of James Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

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  • Can 'Wonder Woman' save the world with its hopeful message?

    Can 'Wonder Woman' save the world with its hopeful message?

    The movie has been scheduled to play in at least one Beirut theater and promotion for the film has appeared within the city over the last few weeks. From what I've heard (from our editor) the movie is a work of art. "I think it's lovely, I think it's practical, easy to move in and to fight". "I think it was a little daunting for the men because it was very unusual".

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  • Russia Fires Missiles to Blast Terrorists in Syria

    Russia Fires Missiles to Blast Terrorists in Syria

    Russian Federation has been carrying out air and missile strikes in support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2015. "All sides are in direct contact with each other and all go to some effort to coordinate their strikes on ISIS and other targets".

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  • White House official: Trump plans to pull U.S. from Paris deal

    White House official: Trump plans to pull U.S. from Paris deal

    That's the conclusion of researchers and scientists evaluating the impact of Trump on the health of the climate. Trump refused to endorse the landmark climate change accord at a summit of the G7 group of wealthy nations, saying he needed more time to decide, and promised an announcement this week.

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  • Macron meets Putin, warns over Syrian chemical weapons

    Macron meets Putin, warns over Syrian chemical weapons

    Macron made no mention of Western sanctions on Russian Federation over Ukraine , though Putin repeated Moscow's view that their continued enforcement would not help stabilise the situation in Ukraine's east. "I will not give an inch on this", the French leader said. Versailles was chosen for the meeting because an exhibition dedicated to Tsar Peter the Great is opening there.

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  • Frightening wreck knocks Scott Dixon out of Indianapolis 500

    Howard was not hurt. The drivers of the two cars involved, Jay Howard and Scott Dixon , were fine, but the violent smash-up caused moments of panic in the pits and in the stands. His auto was left in complete debris but amazingly the former 500 victor was able to walk away from the accident and called it "a wild ride". Howard later put the blame onto Ryan Hunter-Reay for "pushing me out on to the marbles".

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  • 'Trip was a great success for America'

    'Trip was a great success for America'

    President Donald Trump is postponing a rally planned for next week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Trump tweeted Saturday morning, "Big G7 meetings today". The summit's communique noted that the Trump administration would take more time to consider whether it will remain committed to the 2015 Paris deal to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Iranian president calls USA relations

    Iranian president calls USA relations "a curvy road"

    President Donald Trump ended a visit to Tehran's arch-foe Saudi Arabia where arms deals worth nearly $110 billion were signed. "I do not think the American people are ready to trade the lives they lost in September 11 with billions of dollars gained through weapons sales", Rouhani said .

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  • Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader _ who calls it natural

    Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader _ who calls it natural

    Some NATO leaders, including Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg and President Emmanuel Macron, were reportedly seen sharing secret side-glances with amused looks in their eyes as Trump lectured sternly from the podium. A few minutes later, when Stoltenberg introduced Trump, he summoned a personal connection for him, too, noting that the 9/11 terrorists "struck at the heart of your own home town, New York".

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  • Phoenix police say comicon suspect threatened them

    Phoenix police say comicon suspect threatened them

    The currently-ongoing Phoenix Comicon has banned all cosplay and prop weapons after an incident Thursday in which a convention-goer was arrested carrying mutiple actual weapons inside the event. The entertainment and comic convention began on Thursday. Exhibitor Hall vendors will still be selling props and simulated weapons. Multiple officers were necessary to subdue the armed man.

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  • Low Gas Prices for Weekend Travel

    Low Gas Prices for Weekend Travel

    M - nearly as if on cue, gas prices rose this past week as millions of American motorists prepared to hit the road for the Memorial Day weekend. Normally, gasoline prices rise heading into the summer as refineries retool and put out more expensive blends created to reduce emissions associated with higher temperatures.

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