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  • Pink Power run kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Before discovering breast cancer, Cole described herself as moderately faithful about yearly checks. The event took place at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. It will bring leaders and healthcare professionals from around the world together to share their knowledge and expertise on breast cancer screening and the latest information about mammograms and early detection.

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  • Maine police department says it's aware of clown sightings

    Suffolk Police investigated reports of a group of Clowns jumping in front of cars in Brentwood, and another spotted in North Babylon. The Binghamton school district released a statement Monday telling parents to exercise some discernment if their child reports seeing " creepy clowns " or "killer clowns ".

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  • Amber Alert canceled for missing teen

    Amber Alert canceled for missing teen

    According to NBC affiliate WTHR in Indianapolis, 20-year-old Dustin Fisher, the man police believe abducted 17-year-old Madison Lloyd, has been arrested. This Amber Alert has been canceled as of Monday evening. The license plate number of the vehicle is not known. A state-wide Amber Alert has been issued as the Sheridan Police Department searches for a missing teenager.

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  • New Jersey home explodes after gas smell; injuries unclear

    New Jersey home explodes after gas smell; injuries unclear

    It's not yet clear if anyone was injured in the 10 a.m. Tuesday blast in Paterson. The 11 individuals who lived in the homes are believed to be accounted for, authorities added. Firefighters who responded to the scene minutes after residents reported a possible gas leak heard hissing sounds coming from one of the homes and quickly evacuated people, city officials said.

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  • Vernon man at the center of a mystery at sea

    Vernon man at the center of a mystery at sea

    While the missing persons investigation remains open, the Coast Guard probe is closed. Court records show that a Vermont man who spent a week on a life raft in the ocean is a suspect in the unsolved 2013 killing of his grandfather in CT.

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  • All 8 Harry Potter films returning to theaters

    All 8 Harry Potter films returning to theaters

    For one week beginning on October 13, Warner Bros. will be bringing back all eight of the "Harry Potter" movies for a special IMAX run. This is the first time that the first two Harry Potter movies ( Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets ) are going to be screened in IMAX.

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  • Unusual start to new term: No arguments on Jewish New Year

    Unusual start to new term: No arguments on Jewish New Year

    The Supreme Court nearly never reconsiders its rulings , but the administration decided the request was worth pursuing given the unusual circumstances of the case. The justices are ideologically split with four liberals and four conservatives after decades of conservative leaning. That would mean the vacancy would remain at least until early 2017 and the new justice would miss most of the term's cases.

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  • Game 160 Thread: Orioles at Yankees, 7:05 p.m.

    Philadelphia honored long-time first baseman Ryan Howard before the game and its bats came alive for a comeback win over the New York Mets. The Baltimore Orioles' pursuit of a playoff spot moves to NY on Friday for three games against the Yankees to finish the regular season.

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  • Texas pulls out of federal refugee resettlement program

    Texas pulls out of federal refugee resettlement program

    Friday's move means Texas will stop facilitating refugee services and benefits covered by federal funding.The White House recently announced the us will strive to take in 110,000 refugees from around the world next year. The state government informed the Office of Refugee Resettlement on September 21 that unless two conditions were met, the state would leave the program effective January 31, 2017.

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  • Pasadena 911 call released amid probe of death during arrest

    The man continued to resist, prompting officers to use "physical force" before placing both a hobble-restraint (for feet) and handcuffs on him. Pasadena police said in a statement that the man was armed with a knife and "did not comply with officers orders as the suspect attempted to re-enter an occupied apartment".

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  • Police fatally shoot man in Los Angeles after car chase

    As the officers were tailing it, the suspect jumped out of the vehicle and took off running, police said. During the chase, a passenger exited the vehicle and police followed him on foot. neighborhood. Some officers changed into riot gear during the confrontation but later removed the gear after tensions died down, officials said. Saturday night, protesters held a vigil and demonstration for Snell, demanding justice for the 18-year-old.

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  • Videos of shooting of black man to be released

    Videos of shooting of black man to be released

    On Thursday night, some 75 protesters gathered near the scene of the shooting and threw rocks and bottles, stopped vehicles and broke auto windows. A standoff appeared on the verge of escalation as some protesters hurled water bottles at police, who stood their ground before pulling back in what seemed to be a tactical retreat.

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  • Austrian customs officials find human intestines in luggage

    The security from an airport in Austria needed psychological counseling after they searched the luggage of a woman from Morocco. Telling authorities she was acting on the advice of a doctor in Marrakesh, who agreed that the woman's husband may well have been poisoned after going to a relative's house for dinner, she showed them how professionally wrapped the piece of intestine was.

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  • Schumer to FCC: Wireless emergency alert system should include photos

    Schumer to FCC: Wireless emergency alert system should include photos

    The alerts are sent to people found in a geographic area where there is an immediate safety threat, and are limited to only 90 characters, unable to attach and transmit multimedia files such as photos or videos. An alert was sent to million of cellphones last Monday asking for the public's help finding Ahmad Khan Rahami. The FCC did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but is reportedly scheduled to vote on the WEA updates on September 29th.

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  • William and Kate enjoy glamorous night out in Canada

    William and Kate enjoy glamorous night out in Canada

    William and Kate are on a mission. The Duchess of Cambridge dazzled in a scarlet cocktail dress tonight in her most glamorous royal tour outfit so far. Prince William announced the inclusion in the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) of the Great Rainforest in front of the Bella Bella community. Thousands crowded the streets of Kelowna for the arrival of the Royal couple, who made their first stop Tuesday at the University of B.C.'s Okanagan campus.

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  • Will and Kate in Vancouver

    Will and Kate in Vancouver

    The Duke and Duchess' two adorable children - Prince George and Princess Charlotte - have accompanied them on their tour, though they have not attended any public events yet. George and his year-old sister, Princess Charlotte , are in Canada for the first time but it is the second trip for their parents, who visited in 2011.

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  • Schumer: Wireless emergency alerts should include photos

    Schumer: Wireless emergency alerts should include photos

    The current alert system can not transmit photos, but the FCC is considering expanding the message length and embedding links. Schumer wants the FCC to upgrade the nation's wireless emergency alert system , which is only capable of sending 90-character messages, and can't transmit photos or video.

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  • Sprawling Typhoon Megi plows into Taiwan with howling winds, flooding rains

    The Central Weather Bureau said Megi is 500 kilometers (310 miles) in diameter and its winds will gust up to 198 kilometers per hour. Nearly three million homes were left without electricity in Yilan province. Taiwan's financial markets were closed because of the storm. According to witnesses, the impact of Megi was felt more strongly in northern Taiwan than previous typhoons.

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  • Taiwan typhoon kills at least four

    Strong winds buffeted the capital of Taipei , with wind gusts reaching at least 63 miles per hour at the city's global airport despite the fact that the center of the storm made landfall about 100 miles to the south of the city, in Haulien.

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  • Kaine Weeps at Site of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

    Kaine Weeps at Site of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

    Pence spokesman Marc Lotter says the IN governor was to meet with Walker on Tuesday, one week before Pence squares off against Democrat Tim Kaine IN their only debate. Clinton's lead in Virginia is built "upon strong support from women and college-educated voters in Northern Virginia", according to the survey. Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence is meeting with Gov.

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  • FBI data show increase in murder, violent crime in 2015

    Saying that a "chill wind that has blown through law enforcement over the previous year", Comey asked: " In today's YouTube world, are officers reluctant to get out of their cars and do the work that controls violent crime? ". The one bright side in the UCR is that property crimes like larceny and theft have decreased year-over-year. The rise in crime has been concentrated in big cities' segregated and impoverished neighbourhoods.

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  • Trump campaign disinvites Gennifer Flowers to the debate

    Trump campaign disinvites Gennifer Flowers to the debate

    After Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggested billionaire Mark Cuban, who has been a vocal critic of Mr. Trump, would attend the debate, Mr. Men back Mr Trump by 54 per cent to 55 per cent of women who said they support Clinton, the poll showed. Appearing after Mook, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway praised Holt, a shift in tone from Trump's complaint this week that he doesn't think he'll be treated fairly.

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  • Clinton to visit North Carolina the day after 1st debate

    Clinton to visit North Carolina the day after 1st debate

    Trump, a former reality TV host, tweeted a reference to a short-lived show by Cuban: "If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!" Trump's mention of Flowers came in a tweet last night after Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor who is a vocal Trump critic and Clinton supporter, agreed to sit at the front of the audience for the televised debate tomorrow night in NY.

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  • Attorney: Tulsa officer trained in 'de-escalation'

    The Sept. 16 slaying of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Okla ., is the most recent example. Family members and colleagues say Betty Jo Shelby, 42, was an engaged community member, a churchgoer and cool-headed enough to be tapped as a field-training officer even though she didn't join the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office until 2007 and the city's force until 2011.

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