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  • IS claims responsibility for Minnesota attack

    Witnesses said the man entered Crossroads Mall on Saturday night, made a reference to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslims before he attacked, police said in a statement. ISIS has used similar language following incidents in which the group did not have prior knowledge or any kind of direct connection to the attack, and it is unclear how the organization may have been linked to the event in Minnesota.

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  • Trump won't reveal medical records to Dr. Oz

    Monday, he was disciplined enough to say he hoped Clinton would recover from pneumonia, which represented both a notable shift from the harsh hints that something was gravely wrong with her health and a shrewd move to not get in the way of a story already hurting his rival.

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  • Trump Talks Economic Plan During Speech in NY

    Speaking to the New York Economic Club, Trump also called for cuts to federal spending, which he says would save the government up to a trillion dollars over the next decade. Those programs make up two-thirds of the federal budget. WASHINGTON ( CNN ) - Donald Trump's son has a new reason to explain why his father won't release his tax returns: They'll steal from his political message.

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  • Nixon cuts $59 million after lawmakers enact tax breaks

    The Legislature responded in each of those sessions by overriding a record number of vetoes. However, Missouri voters need to approve the measure and change the state constitution at the November ballot before it can be implemented. Joining Nixon in opposing the bill were groups representing law enforcement officers around the state, such as the Missouri Police Chiefs Association, along with the state's four Catholic bishops.

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  • Pipeline protest site a city unto itself with school, meals

    The Standing Rock camp continues to grow. Nanesi warned Bank of America against extending $350,000,000 of credit to the pipeline's operators in a project where $3.75 of the $3.8 billion is on credit. Energy Transfer Partners disputes those claims, saying the pipeline would include safeguards such as leak detection equipment and that workers monitoring the pipeline remotely in Texas could close valves within three minutes if a breach is detected.

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  • Obama Critiques Media: Clinton And Trump Aren't Even Comparable

    Obama Critiques Media: Clinton And Trump Aren't Even Comparable

    Philadelphia, the site of this year's Democratic National Convention, is a stronghold of the party of President Obama , who was enthusiastically received when he campaigned there on Hillary Clinton's behalf on Tuesday. "And Hillary Clinton is steady and she is true". Obama used his platform in the City of Brotherly Love to launch into one his most blistering critiques yet of Trump.

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  • Coroner: Missing teenage girl found dead near river drowned

    Coroner: Missing teenage girl found dead near river drowned

    The girl vanished around 6:45 p.m. Friday during what should have been a three minute between her home along Fraternity Clarion and the Dollar General along 5th Ave. "Why this had to happen I don't know, we don't question the Lord on why things have to happen but..." Barbara also added that Shevy was not the type of girl to run away.

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  • Donald Trump speaks to black churchgoers in Detroit

    Donald Trump speaks to black churchgoers in Detroit

    Many black people in the city, she says, are still stung by the Republican presidential nominee's visit to MI last month, when he went before a mostly white audience and declared, "You live in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed".

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  • North Korea accused of 'maniacal recklessness' after nuclear test

    Pyongyang's state media said Friday the nuclear test had realised the goal of being able to fit a miniaturised warhead on a rocket. The latest nuclear test by North Korea is estimated to produced a blast equivalent to 10 kilotons - twice the power of the country's last test, according to Korea's Meteorological Administration.

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  • Putin is more of a leader than Obama, says Trump

    Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein could qualify to participate if either wins 15 percent of the vote in new polls , although Stein is only at about 3 percent in recent polls. Among Ohio voters questioned over the past week by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, 46 percent were backing the billionaire businessman, versus 45 percent who supported Clinton.

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  • Clinton, Trump confront weaknesses in security forum

    Trump pushed back just as hard, accusing Clinton of being a failed and "trigger-happy" secretary of state whose policies triggered mayhem across the world. Not only do they show that Vladimir Putin's praise of Trump might not be exactly what he thinks it is, but they also poked a hole in Trump's criticism about Libya by showing a clip where Trump contradicts himself to Lauer's face on a prior Today Show interview.

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  • Trump criticizes US policy on Russian television

    Trump criticizes US policy on Russian television

    The proposal came as the Republican nominee visited a charter school in Cleveland, seeking to close his polling gap with Democrat Hillary Clinton in the must-win state of Ohio. "So that we reward our best teachers instead of the failed tenure system that rewards bad teachers and punishes the good ones". Critics of school choice believe, however, that funneling money into school choice programs negatively affects traditional public schools by shuffling tax dollars away from them.

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  • SCCC willing to accept former ITT Tech students for 2016

    SCCC willing to accept former ITT Tech students for 2016

    ITT also cut more than 8,000 jobs immediately. Gateway is offering to waive a $30 application fee for ITT students who attend a workshop , award one $250 tuition voucher at each workshop to students who successfully enroll at Gateway and waive costs for its Credit for Prior Learning assessment and course.

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  • British Airways suffers global delays due to computer glitch

    Twitter user John Bevir shed some light on the delays occurring at British Airways' check-in desks when he tweeted: "Huge computer issue affecting British Airways across USA". The airline completed the installation of a new systems rollout earlier this year, and is now encouraging customers to check in online before arriving at the airport.

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  • GE plans to invest $1.4B to acquire 3D printing companies

    GE plans to invest $1.4B to acquire 3D printing companies

    GE Germany Holdings AG said today it would offer €38 (RM173.14) per share to buy SLM Solutions, which values the company at €683 million. GE's acquisition of Arcam and SLM are structured as public tender offers for all of the outstanding shares of stock of each company.

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  • Liberty Media eyeing takeover of Formula One

    It said that other interested buyers included Qatar Sports Investments, the owners of Paris Saint-Germain football club, and Stephen Ross, the owner of American football team the Miami Dolphins. A likely takeover by a media and entertainment group, however, and the injection of fresh ideas they could bring to wow an audience, has some within the sport already on the edge of their seat.

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  • US National Park Service turns 100

    It's important for the crew members to come experience the park, he said. Less than 24 hours ago, on August 24, President Obama declared the newest national park, the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument , in northern Maine. Participants used brown, green and white umbrellas to create the emblem. In the 1890s, a 16-year-old boy was riding his horse in the territory of New Mexico when he spotted a flurry of bats emerging from the hills.

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  • Bonaventure again named one of best colleges

    Bonaventure again named one of best colleges

    The Princeton Review tallied the scores based on institutional data it obtained from the school and/or student survey data. Warren Wilson College and UNC Asheville were both named in The Princeton Review's 2017 edition of "The Best 381 Colleges ".

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  • FBI Warns of Possible State Election-System Hacks

    The " flash alert " from the FBI'S Cyber Division comes as concerns grow that foreign terrorists - or rogue governments - would enjoy disrupting the American elections on November 8. The bureau is investigating whether hackers are attempting to launch widespread attacks against state election networks. The Illinois Board of Elections has confirmed there was a breach in the Illinois voter registration system.

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  • Hackers break into election systems in Illinois, Arizona

    Hackers break into election systems in Illinois, Arizona

    From the report , it does not look as if the hacks were specifically about modifying vote totals, but rather accessing voter registration data - but that's still a pretty big concern. The bureau is urging officials to increase and enhance the state of the cybersecurity infrastructure inherent in the networks and systems used by election authorities.

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  • Flood volunteer bus hits fire truck; 2 dead, dozens hurt

    Flood volunteer bus hits fire truck; 2 dead, dozens hurt

    Police identified one of the victims as Spencer Chauvin, the district fire chief of the St. John the Baptist Parish Office of Fire Services. The bus was travelling to Baton Rouge on Sunday morning to deliver flood relief aid when the crash happened, according to NBC News .

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  • Student killed in fight on Cornell campus

    Meanwhile, Ithaca said in a statement the college is providing counseling assistance in lounges on campus. "It is with great sadness that I inform the Ithaca College community that one of our students passed away at Cayuga Medical Center early on the morning of Sunday, August 28".

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