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Mike Pence Wants Mueller to 'Wrap It Up'

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to NBC News on Thursday and urged special counsel Robert Mueller to end his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 USA presidential election.

"I believe that, in the interests of the country, it's time to complete the investigation", said Pence in an interview with NBC News after the release of the three detainees in the DPRK Americans.

"Do you think his investigation is a hoax?"

On Thursday morning, NBC's Andrea Mitchell interviewed Pence and asked about Mueller.

"Our administration has been fully cooperating with the Special Counsel-" Pence started. "I believe that I have provided all of the material that he needs to conclude his investigations, and to proceed to prosecute the guilty and to clear the innocent". Our administration has provided more than a million documents. "And I would respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion".

Pence declined to comment on Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, who is at the center of a widening investigation of his business practices.

As for the whole controversy surrounding Cohen paying off Trump's alleged mistress Stormy Daniels and reportedly selling access to the president by receiving hundreds of thousand of dollars from corporate giants, Pence said it was a "private matter" and he had no knowledge of it. When the time comes that Trump is sent packing, Mike Pence should be where he's been all along, right beside him.

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