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Google makes privacy policy easier to understand, adds new data controls

"Although we're taking these steps to make our Privacy Policy easier to understand, it's important to note that nothing is changing about your current settings or how your information is processed", said William Malcolm, Google's Director for privacy and legal in Europe, in a blog post explaining the changes.

Google also announced improvements to the controls and clarity of information found in each user's My Account hub to give users more control over how their data is collected.

In addition to this, the company has also published its updated privacy policy. Google says that "explanatory videos and illustrations" are helpful because they "can be easier to understand than text alone".

If ads are a bother, users now have the ability to manage or mute the ads they see on Google, on websites, and in apps, using an Ads Settings tool and Mute This Ad control.

Other measures include reducing the turnaround for breach notification to 72 hours, introducing the "right to be forgotten" and introducing "data portability" - the right for individuals to access information that has been released about them.

Even among those consumers that don't like marketing at all, 40 per cent would share their data with companies to make sure they're not getting irrelevant offers.

Additionally, Google said that it is making it easier to port your Google data to other services, for example to transfer photos from Google Photos to other online photo repositories.

DealSignal unveiled a new product module to help marketers assess their GDPR risk and establish account controls for data compliance within its platform. Google encrypt the data by default and has an audit log when the support engineering teams interacts with the data. We already ask publishers to get consent from their users for the use of our ad tech on their sites and apps under existing legislation, but we've now updated that requirement in line with GDPR guidance. As we evolve our products over time, we'll continue to improve our Privacy Program and the protections we offer to users.

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