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Bringing Windows 10 Updates: Latest Improvements & The Releases

Now, Windows will save text and files to the cloud, so you can cut from one device and paste into another (that you're signed into).

Also arriving in the preview build are some additional hints of Microsoft's Fluent Design System such as the acrylic title bar in Sets.

The update includes a fix for Microsoft's Korean input method editor (IME).

Microsoft has expanded Search previews as of build 17666 to support apps, documents and more.

One of the most critical flaws is a "use after free" vulnerability in the Windows VBScript engine that can be used to force Internet Explorer to load and to execute code.

There are also two public disclosures this month, meaning there's enough info out there on how the vulnerabilities work that attackers could create exploits before firms have a chance to update their systems.

Two other fixes of note include Microsoft's patch for a privilege-escalation vulnerability in the Windows kernel that could be abused by a local attacker.

The second bug under active exploit is an elevation of privilege vulnerability (CVE-2018-8120) impacting a Windows Win32k component.

"CVE-2018-8174, on the other hand, affects all supported versions of Windows and could lead to arbitrary code execution", said Wiseman. An exploit known as Double Kill was reported by researchers at Chinese cybersecurity vendor Qihoo 360 in April; the Qihoo 360 Core Security research team reported an advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign was actively exploiting the Internet Explorer zero-day.

Microsoft has halted distribution of Windows 10 April 2018 Update for owners of systems with specific Intel SSDs, the combo of the operating system update and the Intel SSDs can result in a boot loop. CVE-2018-8153 is a spoofing vulnerability that could allow an attacker to trick a user into accessing a malicious website.

This month's releases also contain an out-of-band patch for CVE-2018-8115, affecting the Windows Host Compute Service Shim library, which helps to launch Windows Server containers from providers like Docker.

In addition, Hyper-V has been getting some attention lately as well. At today's Build conference keynote, Microsoft announced that in "the next Insider build", - Microsoft's beta program for Windows - you'll see the tabs you were working on within Edge when you press Alt+Tab. Business users can continue to receive security-only updates for six months, Microsoft says, or organizations can pay for pricey extended-support contracts.

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