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United Kingdom vows to tackle gender pay gap

The firm laid out an action plan to improve its disparities which included establishing a diversity and inclusion team, reviewing flexible working provisions and providing unconscious bias training for hiring managers.

One of the highest gaps appears to be between male and female employees at the Osborne Co-Operative Academy Trust based at St Clere's school in Stanford-le-Hope.

"The challenges are enormous and employers are not generally sympathetic to it". Entry-level jobs usually have more clear-cut salary data, so men and women alike know what a specific position is worth. It's only now that banks, insurers and investment companies are being forced to go public on this that we can see just how male-dominated they are at the top.

UKFast has a 50/50 gender split within its board of directors and has more women than men in senior management roles.

However it was much better news for a number of companies that came in under the national average. Now I think there will be policies and programme put in place [within businesses].

That all looks bad. but Apple's salary gap is actually smaller than most.

So how did our region do? Its mean pay gap, meanwhile, is five per cent in men's favour.

But there were exceptions.

They also said, "men outnumber women in high performance sport-related roles" and "Davis Cup-related payments in 2016 which also affected our bonus gap".

Hyland believes horizontal segregation may have something to do with explaining the video game industry's gender pay gap problem.

So far 78% of employers who have submitted their data have a gender pay gap, compared to 8% who have none and 14% who have one in favour of women.

A number of household name employers, including Unilever and BT, pay women on average more than men.

Lewes District Council has revealed its gender pay gap today (Wednesday, April 4).

At 93%, Stoke City Football Club has the largest mean pay gap of any company that's filed data.

According to the figures women's mean hourly rate is 36% lower than men's. In finance, women are paid 40 per cent less than men because of these career gaps they have to take.

Companies with more than 250 members of staff have until midnight to publish the average earnings of men and women, or they may face unlimited fines.

Earlier today, Music Business Week revealed that the average gender pay gap across the three major labels in the UK - Universal Music UK, Sony Music UK, Warner Music UK - was over 30%. It said it would "work hard to redress any imbalances".

She added that it was an "urgent priority" to get more women progressing through the company. Although not specifically video game focussed, Microsoft had a pay gap of just 6.6%, while Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe had a gap of 12.8%.

However, gender equality campaigning charity the Fawcett Society says it represents an opportunity for employees to talk about pay and find out what their colleagues earn.

"The gender pay gap exposes the fact that there are fewer women in high-paying jobs or technical roles, rather than a pay gap for like-for-like roles".

When it comes to bonuses, female executives are paid 88% less on average than their male counterparts.

The disparity is a result of Apple's leadership ranks being filled with men.

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