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U of M graduate worked to uncover 'Golden State Killer'

The Golden State Killer is someone who authorities believe could be responsible for 12 murders and 45 rapes in California between 1976 and 1986.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, a onetime cop. Links between the cases were established by DNA evidence, police say.

However, a genealogical services with DeAngelo's information may have cooperated with law enforcement indirectly.

The attacks on sleeping women - and sometimes their partners - in middle and upper-middle-class subdivisions east of the state Capitol shattered the security of an area where people didn't lock their doors and children rode bicycles to school and played outside until dark.

The Golden State Killer brutally rapes and murders Cruz in her parents' Irvine home while they were vacationing in Mexico, according to the Orange County Register. "Today it is our pleasure to call him defendant".

Ward said he worked with DeAngelo for several years at the Exeter Police Department and was shocked when DeAngelo was arrested in the Golden State Killer case.

Investigators searched DeAngelo's home on Thursday, looking for class rings, earrings, dishes and other items that were taken from crime scenes as well as weapons. Jones did not specify what that information was.

"And now, you know, because he's been caught, now they can start linking him to all these other cases".

"It was her dream", Patton said, according to the Daily Beast. "This is the beginning of the whole other chapter of this, of this saga-this insane crime saga".

The suspect would gain entry to homes while the victims slept, awakening them with the beam of a flashlight in their faces, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

The attacker broke into homes at night and then tied up and raped his female victims. Some victims also reported having been contacted by the suspect by phone afterward.

McNamara no doubt would have been pleased and perhaps vindicated by the arrest of 72-year-old former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo on two counts of murder; Sacramento police, who made the arrest, said they are preparing more charges.

"I have just been overjoyed, ecstatic". "I was an awkward teenager when she died, and I didn't understand her that well at the time, and she didn't understand me". "We were able to confirm what we thought we already knew - that we had our man".

DeAngelo, described by neighbors as an oddball and loner known to fly into occasional fits of solitary rage, is suspected of 12 slayings in all.

DeAngelo, suspected of killing a dozen people and raping more than 50 women, lived a quiet life as a warehouse worker and a suburban homeowner obsessed with lawn care, neighbors and acquaintances said. He noted, however, that because McNamara was the one to rename the serial criminal as "The Golden State Killer" (the murderer was previously known as the East Area Rapist), he felt that her work had been vindicated.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones told reporters at the press conference that law enforcement had been investigating DeAngelo and collected discarded DNA that connected him to the crimes.

And then, an unspecified breakthrough occurred in recent days.

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