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Snapchat Is Adding Group Video Chat To iOS, Android App This Week

Snapchat introduced a couple of new features today including a Group Video Chat option.

Snapchat users can now have video chats in groups of up to 16 people at once, or 32 people if the chat is restricted to voice only, CNBC is reporting. "Just tap the video camera icon in a Group Chat to get your friends together!"

Simply enter an existing Group Chat, or create a new Group with the friends or family you'd like to see.

To start a video chat with that many people, you'll need to start a video chat from within a group chat. Friends can choose to only join via voice if they don't want to video join the call. That upgrade established Snapchat as a bigger player in live video chat, and now you can pull in many more users. As usual, all of the same face lenses will be available to users while they're in a group video chat. A group chat can include a mix of all three. Most famously, Instagram took, name and all, Snapchat's Stories, the 24-hour video diaries that disappear at the end of the day.

If you're tagged in a Snap, you'll receive a notification Snapchat's chat section that you've been mentioned in a Story.

The feature was spotted last month, and is officially rolling out with the new update. We'll let you know when this feature inevitably makes its way into Instagram as well, so stay tuned. Since growing in popularity, the widely-used social media app has continually introduced new features in order to elevate a person's experience when chronicling their daily escapades, filters and all.

Instead of having to scroll through Snap Maps to see where your friends are, Snapchat will start giving you updates that you can swipe through. Furthermore, those tagged will be notified in chat. This should make it a (ahem) snap to tag the right person.

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