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It's True: Johnson City Toys R Us Store is Hiring

Toys R Us has more than 700 stores in the US.

Toys R Us is moving to close or sell all 735 of its USA stores after filing a motion to liquidate last week.

Whole Foods is working towards streamlining its supplier process across the United States, to help ensure all store are operating under the same rules and - where possible - using the same, or approved suppliers.

The timetable was disclosed Tuesday at a hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Richmond, Va.

The Toys R Us website invites would-be employees to "be part of our future".

Toys "R" Us has been holding out hope that an entity will buy the Canadian unit, which was in better shape financially than the USA business.

Somewhere between Spencer Gifts and the Orange Julius, onetime mall staple KB Toys is apparently rising like a fiery phoenix to claim the retail space left newly vacant by the Toys "R" Us vacuum. He said he plans to take advantage of a glut of toy manufacturers that have inventory but no place to sell it.

Toys "R" Us kids, it's time to grow up...

So, when Toys "R" Us is gone, how will this market void be filled, and, more importantly, what's next for toy shoppers?

When we talked to numerous employees, we heard everything from the liquidation starts this Thursday to they don't know when to teams are coming in on Thursday for a meeting. Larian has said that his group is also doing due diligence on the USA stores, and hopes to keep some of them open.

When a store files for bankruptcy, gift card holders are out of luck or with limited options, says Horton, but she offered the following tips when it comes to buying gift cards.

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