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Barack Obama reveals his NCAA tournament picks

Former President Barack Obama is famous for his love of basketball, especially when March Madness rolls around.

The former president warned, "Just because I have more time to watch games doesn't mean my picks will be any better, but here are my brackets this year". He has the Florida Gators and FSU Seminoles losing in the second round of the men's tournament and the FSU women losing in the Sweet 16.

Obama released his brackets for both the men's and women's tournaments on Wednesday and predicts that both Hurricanes teams will be eliminated in their first-round games. He can pick whoever the hell he wants, and no one can hold it against him. So with no Oval Office available for the big reveal, Obama took to Twitter to share his picks.

Former President Barack Obama chose Central Michigan over LSU in his 2018 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament bracket. Villanova and Virginia are one-seeds.

For the Final Four, he pegs two No. 1s, a No. 2 and a No. 3. So Obama may be out on a limb, but it's a sturdy one. Again, he has all four No. 1s and three of the four No. 2s in the Elite Eight, plus... Make sure to get your brackets in, people. Or maybe he's just extremely lame at picking brackets, even in his post-presidency days.

Obama has the Spartans beating Bucknell, Syracuse, Duke, and top-seeded Kansas to reach the Final Four along with defending national champion North Carolina, Villanova, and Virginia.

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