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American Idol beats OJ Simpson TV special

He gave the performance his all, but the judges decided not to send him on to Hollywood for the next round of competition. Perry had some reservations about her voice but praised her personality. Now he's able to walk with the help of crutches. Perry falls on the floor during the dancing, but says that she cute and quirky.

Brandon Diaz next sang "Unaware" by Allen Stone and played guitar.

Michelle Sussett from Venezuela gave a fun and memorable audition, singing in Spanish and dancing a lot.

17-year-old Garrett Jacobs did his grandma, Honey, proud with his audition and even though she couldn't be there in-person, the judges made sure he got her on the phone to hear he was on his way to Hollywood! Glaze nervously agreed, and when he leaned in for a second cheek-kiss, Perry turned her face so their lips connected, which surprised Glaze so much he fell backward. Hey Luke Bryan told him he went too high, so there's a little bit of criticism, but Katy said he was the best male singer so far and possible Top 10.

In New Orleans, the judges are going to hear 17-year-old Laine Hardy from Livingston, Louisiana and sings "Hurricane".

William Casanova, 26, Washington: A woman's shoe salesman, he charmed the judges with his smooth, flirtatious personality and earned a golden ticket by singing Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You". Jones was thrilled to get a golden ticket.

Noah Davis brought his love of alpacas and his wig-based lexicon to his audition.

Autumn Wood, 27, Katy, Texas: The library clerk came in dolled up in what Katy described as "glamazon" style, but her version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was weird: She sounded like Cher with a bad cold.

She appeared to flash her underwear during the embarrassing moment, but TV bosses kept her covered up with a strategically placed American Idol logo. And Lionel hugged her.

About 10.3 million viewers watched the two-hour premiere of American Idol on ABC on Sunday night, compared with 4.4 million who tuned in to see rival Fox broadcast the 2006 tape in a show called O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?, according to Nielsen.

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