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Skater Gabriella terms wardrobe malfunction as 'worst nightmare'

French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis suffered what she calls her "worst nightmare", a wardrobe malfunction, on Monday while performing at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Ice skater Gabriella Papadakis, along with her partner, Guillaume Cizeron, still managed to nick a good score despite the wardrobe malfunction and the adjustments it caused in her movements.

"I felt it right away, and then I prayed", Papadakis said, USA Today Sports reported. "I told myself I didn't have the choice".

'I was thinking of stopping the programme but the crowd was so incredible I just kept going'. "When the clasp became unhooked, the 22-year-old Papadakis was more anxious about holding up her outfit than making sure her twizzles and rhumba were in sync". She was left to skate the entire program with the risk of her top falling off entirely.

This time there were tears of joy from Papadakis after achieving an Olympic record and winning silver. Doing so, however, would have led to a five-point deduction, and the French athletes are going for gold.

The Olympic Broadcasting Service even showed slow-mo replays of the wardrobe malfunction, including on the big screen in the Gangneung Ice Arena, but NBC acted quickly during their live coverage and carefully selected replays to avoid further embarrassment for Papadakis. "Instead of dancing and being in the moment, they were just like trying to keep it together".

South Korean ice dancers Min Yura and Alexander Gamelin faced the same problem just days beforehand, when the top of Min's costume came undone.

Papadakis and Cizeron persevered through the routine and secured a score of 81.93, which put them in second place - behind Canadian competitors Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. "We do what inspires us, and we really try to create programs that we can have fun with", Cizeron said of their performance, "and I think it is, it has to be different from what other skaters have done before".

Cizeron, 23, said it was frustrating to lose a few points over something out of their control. She had a wardrobe malfunction.

It's not what we get ready for when we train.

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