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Federal Bureau of Investigation warns Facebook users to not share video of child pornography

Authorities in MA are warning people to stop sharing a viral video depicting child pornography as it continues to spread across social media.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces in multiple states are now investigating the video. "We have instructed each person who reported receiving this video to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation as the origin of the video is unknown".

Anyone caught distributing the video or any other child pornography could face criminal charges.

Facebook urges users to never, under any circumstances, share files depicting the sexual exploitation of a child: "The sharing of child exploitative images - regardless of intention - is harmful and illegal". You won't be asked to provide a copy of the content in any report to Facebook.

However, police would like to send out a warning against sharing the video.

Any users who share the video, could face criminal consequences. She sharing the video only makes the issue worse. "Instead, delete the video and make sure you report the video to your social media or internet service provider immediately".

Some people have reported getting the video in their Facebook inbox.

Other police agencies around the country are also aware of the video. West Essex NOW reported that police are asking the public to not open any video sent in Facebook Messenger unless you've confirmed with your friend that the video is from them and they've confirmed what's in the video.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating the matter.

They say some recipients may think sharing the video could help find the person responsible for it.

Detectives with the Special Investigations Unit have seen the video and were trying to confirm its authenticity and origin, police said.

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