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Europe 'Beast From the East' Weather to Bring Cold, Snow

Scotland will be gripped by a potentially lengthy cold snap as sudden stratospheric warming looks poised to cause temperatures to tumble next week.

It says next week will see significant wind chill and severe frosts.

A post on the weather forecaster's site states: "Showers or longer periods of snow will affect eastern parts of the United Kingdom during Tuesday". In their forecast, they predicted daytime temperatures below below 5°C and night time values down to -4°C.

"Having a family member, friend or neighbour who can help out can be vital in cold weather - helping with anything from putting the bin out to collecting a prescription or doing some grocery shopping".

On Monday London, the South East, East and West Midlands and the East of England could see up to 10cm of snow.

This disruption can lead to a change in wind direction from our usual westerly winds to colder easterly winds.

Some rural communities could become cut off. Those with ski vacations may find it hard to impossible to reach their destinations due to the sheer amount of snow, with skiing made more challenging due to frigid air temperatures and strong winds.

Looking ahead to next week, it will most likely still be mainly dry on Monday with some sunny spells and perhaps the odd light snow flurry in eastern areas.

Meanwhile, night-time temperatures on Saturday and Sunday are predicted drop sharply under clear skies, leading to widespread hard frost and unsafe icy conditions for many.

Overnight, there will be severe frost and the risk of snow showers along the northern and eastern coasts - reaching lows of -2C to -4C.

"Top temperatures of just 5C to 8C, coldest in the east and north". This could fall as snow or sleet.

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