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Otto Warmbier's parents recognized at State of the Union in emotional moment

Warmbier was imprisoned in North Korea for 17 months and died shortly after being returned to the U.S. He visited North Korea with a Chinese tourist company.

A South Korean government official said Sunday that Seoul is now considering the move as "the North's oil supplies aren't in good condition" but there has been criticism "this would go against the flow of global sanctions on Pyongyang". He said Mr. Seong-ho had almost starved as a child during the 1990s in North Korea.

The South Koreans will fly back Thursday accompanied by North Korean alpine and cross-country skiers who have been invited to participate in the Olympics, the ministry said.

Trump was referring to rapid advances in North Korea's ballistic missile program over the previous year that could now place much of the continental United States within range.

"When you've got Kim Jong-un developing (intercontinental ballistic missiles) that he says are capable of hitting any city in the United States, that's not acceptable", he said. "Pursuant to UN Security Council Resolutions, the USA government is targeting illicit actors in China, Russia, and elsewhere who are working on behalf of North Korean financial networks and calling for their expulsion from the territories where they reside". "Access to USA markets is a big deal", he said. Pompeo did not say whether the United States expects another nuclear launch from the communist dictator.

Trump and top advisers have publicly welcomed the talks but U.S. officials have said privately that Pyongyang might be trying to drive a wedge between allies Washington and Seoul. But Pompeo defended Trump, saying that more thought went into the comments than may have been immediately apparent.

"We need to see inaction from North Korea before we even consider sitting down with them", Haley said following a U.N. Security Council meeting with Trump at the White House. Mentioning that North Korea could have been secretly trading with other nations using foreign vessels, Minister Song urged all nations in the region to abide by UN sanctions and up the pressure on the regime. "So I think there is an element, a sign of vulnerability that the North Koreans are feeling about what the Trump administration might do".

While the move wouldn't breach the United Nations quota as it is still the start of the New Year, it may irk Washington which enforced an all-out ban on refined oil transfers to North Korea last August.

While many other South Koreans have welcomed the North's presence at the Olympics, others express unease and view the North's overture as an attempt to weaken US -led global sanctions against the North while further advancing its nuclear weapons program.

That missile could have traveled more than 8,000 miles, far enough to hit anywhere on the US mainland, had it been launched at a standard trajectory, warned prominent arms-control expert David Wright, who is with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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