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Celtics-76ers Recap: No Kyrie Irving, No Offense

So, um, I have to pass that and move on to the next one.

Embiid is the first starter from the 76ers since Allen Iverson in 2010-11 and the first 76ers to appear in the game since Jrue Holiday in 2012-13. "It wasn't going to be any new plays", Embiid said. Those numbers get doubled - fan voting counts as 50 percent - and added to the media and player ranking, gave the National Basketball Association their rankings for who will start the game.

Technically captaincy is bestowed upon the leading vote getter from each conference, but Brown's sentiment is appreciated nonetheless. Fans took to Rihanna's Instragram, mentioning Joel Embiid in the comments. After a win in Boston, TNT's Kristen Ledlow rehashed the 23-year-old's lust for Rihanna in a post-game press conference, "Years ago you were denied by a young woman, who told you to come back when you were an All-Star".

While it's unclear if Embiid was telling fans to trust him, The Process, or Trust the Process in general, one has to appreciate your boy's moxie and unwaning confidence, something Embiid hasn't exactly been lacking over the years. "I'm not excited just about myself, I'm excited for the whole city of Philadelphia".

After all votes are tallied, players will be ranked in each conference by position (guard and frontcourt) within each of the three voting groups - fan votes, player votes and media votes. Simmons cooling off after an insanely hot start will have an impact there too, as his numbers are no longer the overwhelming, historic stats they were through late November.

Earlier in the day, Sixers fans made sure to let Rihanna know what was up. That is a huge step-up for a franchise that was created to lose games just a few years ago, and it will bolster their chances at landing a top free agent this summer. The next year, Embiid tweeted that he was rejected by a famous girl.

".I started loving you like a sister unless you're thinking different @rihanna", Embiid tweeted on August 4, 2014. He also has a timeline in mind for being cleared to play on consecutive nights. First, for achieving one dream... Here's hoping the big fella has the good fortune to achieve more in the years to come.

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