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Benjamin Netanyahu India Visit Full Live Updates and Scheduled

This may be the first time that a magazine devoted to India-Israel relations is being launched in a Jew synagogue, underlining the close ties between the two nations.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also gifted PM Modi the Gal-Mobile desalination van through video link. "We are young in our thinking and optimism about the future. Jai Israel! Thank you Prime Minister Modi, thank you all!"

"Three things are happening in the US which have never happened before", Netanyahu told reporters in India. The vehicle will be used to provide clean water to BSF Jawans in Banaskantha and some villages in that district. We started scientific agriculture and saw our yields increase and water usage go down.

Netanyahu said even though Israel has committed to have 30 centres helping the farm sector, it would like to create a network of 1,000 agents which will spread the know-how for better yields.

Modi said that the Centre was "working towards doubling farmer incomes by 2022".

Around 50 stages were erected on the roadside along the stretch to showcase performances by troupes of different states to welcome the guests.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday told reporters on a flight from Gujarat to Mumbai that Indian officials have told him they were going to recertify the half a billion dollar deal for Rafael's anti-tank Spike missiles and launchers, which had been canceled prior to the PM's visit to India, Ha'aretz reported.

"It's probably the biggest award we have in cricket and two Indians winning it back to back makes it all the more special".

Modi and Netanyahu waved at the people, who greeted them with loud cheers.

The two leaders embarked on an eight-km long roadshow from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Airport to the historic Sabarmati Ashram Last September, Mr Modi staged a roadshow with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

TOI reported Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Ramallah aboard a helicopter from Amman in Jordan.

In fact, at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's banquet in honour of Netanyahu, his wife Sara and the Israeli delegation in New Delhi, the surprising background tune played was from the 1942 Raj Kapoor-Nargis film "Shree 420" - Â'Ichak Dana, Bichak Dana, Dane Upar Dana', perhaps setting the tone for Â'Shalom Bollywood'.

Netanyahu, while leaving his comment in the visitor's book, spelt Mahatma Gandhi as Ghandi.

On the last leg of his four-day India visit, which he described as extraordinary, Netanyahu said there is a deep and abiding respect for India, it's people and culture.

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