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WWE star suspended following charges for battery to wife

As noted, Rich Swann was recently arrested and charged with Battery and False Imprisonment following an altercation with his wife.

Swann is a former champion for the WWE's Cruiserweight division.

According to cops, Swann was driving his newlywed wife, Vannarah Riggs, back home after a match of hers in Florida when they got into an argument in the vehicle, which got heated. He gave chase to his wife and yelled for her to "get back in the auto", police said in the arrest warrant.

Police say Swann denied grabbing her and that she went back to the auto on her own.

WWE has suspended Swann following the arrest, issuing the following statement: "WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been indefinitely suspended following his arrest". The Def was critiquing the Vic's performance and began getting angry with her.

The complaint states that Swann, after being read his Miranda rights, told officers he did not grab his wife and put her in the auto. She said she tried to escape him because she feared the argument blowing up into a physical confrontation. Shortly thereafter, Riggs jumped out of the vehicle while it was moving, causing Swann to abandon his auto and allegedly give chase again.

According to the AP, Swann is being held without bail and will appear in court on Monday. He chased her, police said, but she refused to get back in the vehicle.

"The auto was not in park and continued to roll until it hit a telephone pole", the complaint said.

Despite claims by Swann that he did not physically touch Riggs, with the details that have been revealed about the incident, it does not look good for the high-flying, dancing WWE entertainer. The couple has been together for five years, and they have been married for 9 months.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff in Florida, Swann was taken into custody around 12 am on Sunday and no bond amount has been listed.

On top of this, he could face charges of Battery which is a first-degree misdemeanour which carries up to one year in jail and a $1,000 if convicted.

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