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Facebook Releases Snooze Button To Mute Your Obnoxious Friends And Family

If there's a friend, group, or Page that you're getting too many posts from in your timeline, you can now tap the three dots near the top right of any of their posts, and choose "Snooze [name] for 30 days".

The new feature can serve as a way to dial down the content you don't want to see, without having to fully unfollow or unfriend someone.

The people you snooze will not get notified.

The new feature which is now rolling out will be available by clicking the option button (an arrow) at the top right of the post, and selecting the new Snooze option. Just before the quiet period is set to expire, Facebook will send an alert so you can be prepared or renew the Snooze for an additional length of time.

While the hide and/or report post options are focused on performing an action over a specific post, the new snooze option is focused on performing an action on the source of the posts, be it on a friend, page or group.

Facebook is calling this new feature "Snooze", and it's one we've heard about before. "Do people connect in meaningful ways online?"

The co-authors said they are "working to make Facebook more about social interaction and less about spending time". However, in essence all these functions are aimed at giving you control over what you see on your Facebook Newsfeed. In general, the company has learned people feel better about their social media use when they're interacting with people instead of passively scrolling through their news feeds and looking at content.

"We don't have all the answers, but given the prominent role social media now plays in many people's lives, we want to help elevate the conversation", they wrote.

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