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Dem leaders scrap meeting with Trump after 'Chuck and Nancy' tweet

Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi for pulling out of a White House meeting to discuss a bipartisan solution to government shutdown after the president openly insulted them on Twitter.

The White House said on Wednesday that it does not expect the government to shut down next month, but has contingency plans in place if Congress fails to reach a deal on funding the government by a December 8 deadline.

"We don't have any time to waste in addressing the issues that confront us, so we're going to continue to negotiate with Republican leaders who may be interested in reaching a bipartisan agreement", the Democratic leaders said in a joint statement.

"Meeting with "Chuck and Nancy" today about keeping government open and working", Trump wrote.

Trump said he would "absolutely blame the Democrats" for a potential government shutdown.

They said, "We believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in Congress instead". Schumer and Pelosi said they pulled out of the meeting because of a tweet Trump sent earlier in the day attacking them as weak on illegal immigration and bent on raising taxes. I think. We'll see.

Instead of a White House get together with Trump, the Democratic leaders have asked their Republican congressional counterparts - Sen.

US President Donald Trump pledged to "take care" of North Korea after its latest ballistic missile launch -the first after a two-month hiatus - which his Pentagon chief said was its highest yet, signifying an expanded threat.

As McConnell prepared to leave for the meeting at the White House, he said Pelosi and Schumer's protest demonstrated a "lack of seriousness".

President Trump speaks at a meeting on November 27, 2017.

Despite Schumer and Pelosi's absence, Trump seemed optimistic that the GOP's disaster of a tax reform bill will pass the Senate vote later this week.

That time, Republicans controlled just the House while Democrats held the Senate and the White House, and voters blamed them for trying to dictate the outcome of the spending fight. And Democrats were seen as being more opposed to a possible shutdown than Republicans. But they can't solve them if they're not talking to each other.

So far so good, because the polls show the so-called "Dreamers" and any government protection of them is extremely popular with the American people. Democrats want certain guarantees in any deal, including protections for unauthorized immigrants brought to the U.S. as children and restored funding for CHIP, the children's health insurance program.

"What we do now is return to our Republican colleagues and say, 'Is this the direction you want to take our government at the end of the year?'" said Representative Joseph Crowley of NY, a member of the Democratic leadership. Unless Congress provides more money, states will have to freeze enrollment or start shutting down the program, which serves more than eight million children.

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