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Civilization VI is available now on iPad for free (for 50 turns)

Civilization VI was released all the way back in October past year, but now it turns out that a whole new group of players can join the fun, as the game has been released on iPad, requiring a rather hefty 3.14GB download to get going.

You can pick up the game on an iPad (if you have iOS 11, an iPad Air 2, an iPad 2017, or an iPad Pro) now. Civ VI is free because the first 60 turns you play are free. Yes, you're still thinking about those missing features, features that you normally have on PC and have been since 2016 and the big updated expansion of the game.

If you do decide that Civ VI on iPad is worth the money, it looks like you'll be getting the same game that's available on PC and Mac.

The game itself is a long-time PC gaming staple, and the port to Apple's iPad is surprisingd. And of course, the kinds of prices developers would need to charge in order to make ports of recent games feasible isn't really what most mobile game players are willing to spend.

Most games for smartphones and tablets are created to be simpler than PC and console titles. However, the game's previous attempts at mobile ports are not exactly that great.

Civilization VI offers new ways to engage with your world. Users of the latest models of iPads can purchase "Civilization VI" on the official App Store. Also at a discount is the desktop version of the game on Steam.

Civilization VI is the first in the Civilization series to be released for the iPad.

"We hope to support DLC and expansions in the future but can not confirm timing or availability at this time", Aspyr said regarding the expansion.

If you're a Civilization fan and want to play Civilization VI, now is the time to buy.

Local multiplayer is available but as to whether online and cross-platform multiplayer will be supported, that's as yet unknown. The iOS version does not include any expansion content.

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