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White House Staff May Be Banned From Using Personal Phones At Work

President Donald Trump, who has raised security concerns with the use of his personal cell phone, may ban White House employees from using their own devices while on the job.

President Donald Trump has complained about press leaks multiple times since taking office but this potential ban is reportedly not because of those concerns.

The proposed ban is instead driven by cybersecurity concerns, the officials said.

Trump and his top aides all have government-issued phones that are highly secure, of course, but those devices are severely curtailed in their capabilities. We've already seen White House chief of staff John Kelly's personal phone was compromised by hackers previously.

Officials have to leave their devices outside meetings rooms where sensitive or classified information is to be discussed.

The purported proposal isn't final, and neither are important details like when to impose the ban, and if all executive office staff would have to comply.

Some staffers worry a ban could result in a series of disruptive unintended consequences.

Personal devices could become compromised outside of the White House, however, and then potentially exploited once they return to the premises. Other communication methods also are not available - phones issued by the White House are unable to send text messages, and staff members are blocked from sites such as Gmail and Google Hangouts, the report said. This means that if personal handsets are banned from use by White Hoise staff members, the latter will be unable to check their personal email using their phones during the day. In addition, government record keeping rules require that records of personal calls received and made over a government issued phone be filed away and kept available for eventual release. Trump is very concerned about leaks and people tapping on their phones when they should be listening to his pearls of wisdom.

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