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Donald Trump silenced on Twitter by 'rogue' worker

That a customer support employee had disabled Trump's account on his last day at work. After Trump's Twitter account returned, details on what happened started to surface.

Trump did not tweet about his account's sudden disappearance.

President Trump responded to the temporary de-activation of his Twitter account, which occurred on Thursday.

Harlan Z. Hill, an advisory board member for Donald J. Trump for President, and actor James Woods also expressed concern over the incident, while others used the opportunity to call for the decentralization of the internet.

Twitter is now doing a full internal review to find out how something could go so right on their platform, because they can't have that.

Trump has spoken publicly about his reliance on Twitter before.

Twitter's government and elections team initially issued a statement on the incident Thursday night. All that finally led a now unnamed Twitter employee, who was on their way out of the company anyway, to take matters into their own hands and do what no one else at the company seems to have the good sense to do.

"We hold all accounts to the same Rules, and consider a number of factors when assessing whether Tweets violate our Rules", the company wrote in a long tweet thread on its "Policy" account.

In 2013, hackers took control of the main account for the Associated Press and tweeted that explosions at the White House had injured then-President Barack Obama, causing stocks to briefly plunge. "Bought and paid for by Crooked H.", Trump's tweet read. He has tweeted more than 36,000 times. "What if they instead had tweeted fake messages?" In an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network last month, Trump credited his use of social media as among the reasons he was elected.

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