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Black Friday Physical Store Sales Turn Out Better Than Expected

Retailers didn't wait until the busiest shopping weekend of the year to discount items as a new EDITED report reveals 48 percent of the US online apparel retail market was at an average discount of 46 percent, with big price cuts hitting weeks before Thanksgiving even arrived.

Smartphone revenue grew by over 32.1% compared to last years, with more than $1.59 billion that set a new record high. Were consumers as engaged as ever or has Black Friday been diluted in the United Kingdom with most retailers running sales over a 10 day period combined with the economy leaving shoppers with less cash in their pockets? Black Friday saw the largest discounts for computers (15.9 percent on average), followed by TVs (21.6 percent) and toys (17.3 percent).

Adobe reported Black Friday online retail sales reached $5.03 billion, up 16.9 percent over previous year.

These increased by 11.9 percent on Monday, far beyond the season average of 5.7 percent.

Black Friday shoppers left their digital mark on the busiest shopping day of the year. Some of that attention is warranted because digital sales rose by 16.9% on Black Friday to an estimated $5.03 billion, according to data from Adobe's Digital Insights, which tracks 80% of online spending at America's 100 largest retail websites. At the time of writing, a 16.5% increase in sales for Cyber Monday is expected by Adobe.

Fair weather across much of the nation also was factor, said National Retail Federation President Matthew Shay.

"There has been a significant amount of debate surrounding the shifting importance of brick-and-mortar retail, and the fact that shopper visits remained intact on Black Friday illustrates that physical retail is still highly relevant and, when done right, profitable", Brian Field, senior director of advisory services for ShopperTrak, said in a statement.

Just because the end is not here for brick-and-mortar stores does not mean traditional retailers have nothing to fear.

Brick-and-mortar retail sales data were not immediately available, but industry analysts noted signs of a decline in physical store sales this year, Reuters reported. They also believe e-tailers are providing consumers with the hot products they want at good discounts. Conversion rates will reach their peak during the last hour of Cyber Monday (11 p.m. - midnight) at four times the annual average.

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