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Apple reportedly readying two new iPhones with OLED screens for 2018

Are you looking forward to seeing slimmer bezels and Face ID technology on future iPad Pro devices?

The sources go on to indicate that the new iPad may not see a 2018 release if manufacturing and supply constraints affect the Face ID components. The company introduced a range of AR features to iOS 11 and now believes a dedicated system that won't require a paired smartphone is the next logical step.

Bloomberg reported that the home button will be removed.

The next iPad will go through a major redesign that involves removing Touch ID, making the display almost bezel-less, and equipping it with Face ID. The updated and redesigned tablet is expected to be launched next year.

However, an OLED display is unlikely to be on the new iPad.

As far as the specifications of this new generation iPad are concerned, it would be powered by even more powerful processor. It has replaced the Touch ID in iPhones, where fingerprints were used to unlock the phone.

Apple seems to be keen on adding this security feature to the iPad as well.

Speaking of Apple Pencil, Bloomberg says a new version of Apple's digital stylus is in the works which would mark the first change to that hardware since it was introduced alongside the original iPad Pro. But he also mentioned that the feature will be limited to high-end iPad model only.

Apple has recently refreshed its iPad lineup in June 2017 at Worldwide Conference 2017. But demand for the tablet waned and global sales declined 17 percent in the past three years. If this is the case, this will be the first time that Apple has revamped the hardware within the Pencil since it launched with the first iPad Pro. Keeping this in mind Apple has upgraded the device's capabilities in successive years for the use of business and professional users. Also, the feature is limited to Apple customers in U.S. right now.

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