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Kathy Griffin slams New Year's replacement Andy Cohen as 'deeply misogynistic'

"Who? I don't know her", Mr. Cohen told TMZ, somewhat convincingly.

Kathy Griffin is on the attack against Andy Cohen. She claims Andy "Treated me like a dog" and was "deeply misogynistic".

"That's his number. And I don't have a minute to call him".

However, some are speculating that Griffin in attacking the man because she is sour he took her gig after she was sacked following her Donald Trump decapitation scandal.

Cohen was one of the executives overseeing Griffin's show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. which ran for six seasons on Bravo.

Kathy Griffin is now in Australia touring the world for a live show she's doing, but the comic decided Saturday to not hold back at all - and she's going after Andy Cohen, Harvey Levin, and multiple other major media personalities and producers in a long video she posted to YouTube just a few hours ago.

Kathy Griffin's feud with Andy Cohen is getting ugly.

Griffin was replaced by Cohen as the cohost on Anderson Cooper's New Year's Eve special on CNN after she was sacked for posing for a photo holding a severed, bloody head resembling Donald Trump earlier this year. Just so you know, Jimmy Kimmel or Seth Meyers have never asked me to do blow before going on the show. So the second time I do the show, same thing.he was asking me to do cocaine with him!

"I'm on to you", she said".

"Was my boss for 10 years", Griffin later tweeted about the Bravo exec. "All I want to do is do my job and make people laugh".

"Where the f*** did you get my personal cell number and who the f*** do you think you are harassing me on my cell phone calling me directly?"

Griffin originally responded to Cohen's shady comments via Twitter on Friday, saying: "Even when it's on tape, there are doubters?"

The jam-packed video also drags Bravo, and in essence, NBCUniversal - and Griffin is fully aware of it.

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