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Great Games Missing from the SNES Classic

As Nintendo's new SNES Classic game console is hitting store shelves for its much anticipated release.

The SNES Classic also addresses the cord issue that plagued the NES Classic; while the cord length is longer, you may want to use an extender or a wireless controller to really get the most out of the mini console.

However, The firm has since said that the console will continue to be available going in to 2018, just in case you don't manage to get one in time for Christmas.

Despite advising that they'd have stock in stores today, Big W have also put the SNES Classic Mini online for purchase this morning. For one, the original SNES version of Earthbound (known to Japanese RPG fans as Mother 2) came with a massive Nintendo Power-themed strategy guide, and this is the first time Nintendo has republished that guide in full.

If you're a gaming completionist, don't miss this chance to play a new classic. "They're saying they've learned from mistakes past year and they've made a lot more for the Super NES Classic". Customers who arrive early enough will receive a ticket, presumably ensuring them a console if they wait for the store to open. He says the local retailer is sold out of walk-in units, with only a few pre-orders left to pick-up. The games hold up, and that couldn't be more true with the Super NES Classic Edition.

The Tracker is alerting its users when the SNES Classic is in stock online at GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, B&H Photo at this time. The game system is valued at about $80.00, and includes two game controllers. This is still a limited-edition system, and if you haven't gotten your hands on one by now, you might be waiting for the next shipment. It's a bit harder to find inventory numbers for Best Buy, so this probably isn't your best bet today all things considered.

The SNES Classic caps off a strong year for Nintendo.

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