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Google will now automatically search from your location regardless of domain used

"Also, at the bottom of the search results page, you can see which country service you are now using", writes Google. For example, even if you are now domain, still you will get the info of the country you are now in.

And this applies even when you travel from one country to another, for example from the United States to India. For example, residents of Russia if in the address bar of a search engine write google domain, it would still appear the Russian website and news. So if you live in Australia, you'll automatically receive the country service for Australia, but when you travel to New Zealand, your results will switch automatically to the country service for New Zealand. The said policy is also consistent with how Google already manages its services across a number of our other platforms, including YouTube, Blogger, Google Earth and Gmail, among others.

On the Settings page, look for the heading that says Region for Search Results.

However, if a user wishes to get relevant search results in a particular country while being in a different location, then the user can manually change the location settings.

According to a blog post, the choice of country service will no longer be indicated by domain - you'll be served the country service that corresponds to your location.

Google's mobile app for iOS, its mobile web site, and the desktop version of Google and Maps are undergoing a small but important change. All you need to do is simply change the location on the homepage settings. The update stated that the change was aimed at improving the Search experience of users, automatically providing them with the most useful information based on their search query and other context, including location.

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