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Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 hits the field today

Unlike like the previous two versions of the game, Federation Internationale de Football Association 16 and Federation Internationale de Football Association 17, the latest edition was probably not bought on time by Amazon India and that is why the release date has been postponed. The most obvious is The Journey, the story mode that allows you to follow the career of Alex Hunter, which simply isn't in the Switch version.

It kind of makes up for not being able to play against friends online, which is a weird omission that EA Sports really needs to fix.

The skill takes off and becomes an internet sensation and meme, and we see other soccer players Antoine Griezmann and Dele Alli try it, as well as athletes from other sports, like National Basketball Association superstar James Harden.

Check it out live here, via YouTube, at 8 pm PT / 11 pm ET. You will also have access to other modes, such as Skill Games (including the new ones), tournaments for men and women, online modes, and the option to play friendly matches against the backdrop of the current situation of your chosen club. The Switch version looks great. In addition, you can't play online with your friends, reports Eurogamer. Of course, there are many new updates and interesting tweaks in this year's game.


Although the game is now more realistic, that does not translate to easy.

As far as experiments go, The Journey was a very successful one as shown by the fact that EA have made a decision to serve up a second instalment to the series with Alex Hunter returning alongside some familiar faces such as his sleazy agent, his doting mother as well as a couple of new characters. That's the best (and most worrying thing) about Federation Internationale de Football Association 18.

It has been a long-neglected career mode in recent years thanks largely to the incredible rise in popularity of Ultimate Team but for the tradionalists, there is still very much a place for a good old-fashioned career mode. You can't take part in transfer negotiations or make use of release clauses in Career mode, and a few player formations have been removed from the game.

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