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Microsoft No Longer Selling Original Xbox One

Simply put, the Xbox One X performs significantly better than Sony's console but at this point, this should not be a surprise.

On its Dutch website, Microsoft now redirects potential Xbox One customers to selected retailers, while Microsoft UK has listed the original Xbox One as "out of stock". You can also pre-order the new Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition bundle for just $399, which includes a custom-skinned console and controller.

Microsoft released the Xbox One, the successor to the popular Xbox 360, in 2013.

PS4 allows cross platform play with PC for games such as Street Fighter V and Rocket League, but didn't allow their console users to connect with users from other consoles like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Forza 7 will be huge, and there are a bunch of Xbox One games getting enhancement updates, but there aren't really any showstoppers to speak of. It would seem that the console has disappeared from Microsoft online stores.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles were preordered in the first five days than any Xbox before.

If you wanted an Xbox, you would have two options.

After opening preorders last Sunday, Microsoft now says the Xbox One X is the "fastest-selling Xbox pre-order ever".

There's also a bit of a mysterious cloud looming over the Xbox One X when it comes to actual demand.

If you have the original Xbox One, you might be thinking of upgrading to One S, which offers excellent Ultra HD Blu-Ray player for the right price. These added features meant that most Xbox buyers were now buying the Xbox One S and not the Xbox One.

But if you couldn't wait, you could purchase the Xbox One S. It has nearly the same features as the original Xbox One. The One S is indeed a superior machine than the original Xbox One.

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