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Fatah Official: Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Mission Is a 'Delusion'

"We know that this issue is hard and complex, but nothing is impossible in the face of good efforts", Abbas said during the parley with Kushner, according to official PA news outlet Wafa.

Both sides and the mainstream media tried to give a positive spin, but there's every indication that last week's meeting between United States special envoy Jared Kushner and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was just as stormy as the first time the two men got together back in June.

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is part of a delegation that traveled to the Middle East for peace talks, the Trump administration said Tuesday. Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have been at a standstill since the failure of US mediation in the spring of 2014. Most significantly for the Palestinians was the failure to obtain economic freedom to develop what is termed "Area C" in the 1993 Oslo Accords - the section of the West Bank under both Israeli administrative and security control - and a commitment from the American interlocutors to establish dates and milestones for the negotiating process it oversees.

"We have clearly emphasized to the Americans the importance of having a public statement that has a commitment to the two-state solution", said Ashraf Khatib, a spokesman for the negotiation affairs department of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

"Today we understood more than ever that President Trump is indeed engaged [in the diplomatic process], he knows what his team is working on and what they are talking about, and he also found time despite the mess he is in to convey messages to Abbas", an unnamed Palestinian source told Al-Monitor.

According to Al-Hayat, a USA delegation headed by Kushner told Abbas this week that "stopping settlement construction is impossible because it will cause the collapse of the Netanyahu government".

A small group of demonstrators gathered in Ramallah as the meeting took place Thursday, protesting a delegation that is widely seen as biased toward Israel. "So we leave it up to them to be able to work that through".

"We have told the Americans that we are committed to the American effort،" Khatib said. They are seeking an end to Israeli settlement construction and also want the support the creation of the Palestine state.

"Without a vision it will be negotiations for negotiations sake،" he opined.

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