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United Blood Services calls for donations to replenish low supplies

Virginia Blood Services says blood supplies across the Commonwealth and the country are "dangerously low".

Liz Lambert, spokesperson for UBS explained this is one of the time's of year where collection is made even more hard.... Donations from donors with the universal blood type O-negative are crucial due to the increase in accidents and trauma cases but donors of all types are needed. Los Alamos residents have the chance to do just that by joining in the 2nd Annual Battle of the Badges community blood drive noon to 6 p.m. August 3 and 10 4 p.m. August 4 in the hall at First Baptist Church, 2200 Diamond Los Alamos.

25,000 blood donations are needed across Australia each week just to meet patient needs, but colds and flu prevent more than 1000 donations a day during winter. Additionally, numerous of blood drives are scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

About 30 percent of INBC's blood supply goes to cancer patients across the Inland Northwest and one in seven people entering the hospital will need blood.

Blood donated in this community helps save the lives of patients in 47 different hospitals throughout New Mexico and the Four Corners Region.

A press release from United Blood Services said there is a critical blood shortage nationwide. Those who are 16 and 17 years old are eligible to donate with parental consent.

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